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A Better Alternative to Government ID

The Self-IDentification platform powered by you.

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What is ElectronicID?

Imagine a world in which you control your identity — not papers, and not your government.
ElectronicID is a non-compulsive and non-oppressive self-ID platform, powered by you. It lets you create your ID based on what you know best about yourself and not what's on a paper document (Why?).

It's a better alternative to the fundamentally flawed Government-issued IDs and the future of self-identification.


With e-ID, you decide what your name, gender, date of birth and address should be — not birth certificates, utility bills and unreliable paper documents. You can even pick a vanity serial number which is easier to memorize!


We are not a traditional ID monitoring agency or law enforcement.
However, all e-ID accounts are regularly monitored for suspicious activity with users alerted, when appropriate.


ElectronicID is meant for the user of digital age.
Because e-ID is digital, carrying a physical ID card is no longer necessary. Your e-ID is accessible to a verifier via a URL, QR Code, or simply a serial, which you may memorize.

Backwards Compatible. Although a digital product, you can print yourself an e-ID card with a QR code to carry if you desire.


ElectronicID is for the connected world. No matter where in the world you are, you can create your e-ID right away! Additionally, the standardized architecture of the ElectronicID platform makes it trivial for a verifier to accept an e-ID anywhere in the world. With non-standardized government IDs, the process is fairly challenging and makes it difficult to spot 'fakes'.


No information you provide during signup is ever verified or cross-checked with third party databases. We believe in you. The platform instead takes advantage of time, 'web of trust' and social media to promote integrity, trust and transparency among its users.

It's Free!

Unlike a Government or State-ID card, an e-ID is free and always will be! (That's a $15 saving on average!)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ElectronicID™ is an attempt to replace decades old, broken ID infrastructure from the paper era, with a modern, sensible ID platform which is reliable, non-oppressive, and trustworthy.

Simply put, the existing identity documents including driver’s licenses, government-issued identification cards, birth certificates are unreliable, vary by jurisdiction in their features and uniformity, are often unverifiable and not designed for a digital age. Here are a few examples to demonstrate this:

  1. In the U.S., a driver’s license issued by the state of Texas may be very different from an ID card issued by the state of Pennsylvania, or yet another state in a foreign country. Also, most paper-based ID documents lack online verification. To a business establishment owner or any person who is not an expert at spotting ‘fakes’, it is nearly impossible to determine the authenticity of an ID document, therefore, making the document practically useless.
  2. Even with an ID document that is authentic and issued by a real governmental agency, the actual process which comprises verifying an individual’s identity at the issuing agency, is often filled with loopholes. Utility bills and bank statements, often used as proof of residential address, can easily be forged. There is no way to determine if breeder documents, such as a birth certificate, in fact belongs to the individual applying for the ID document. In many U.S. states, there is no ID verification required for ordering birth certificates. In states where a “copy of an ID” is required (via mail), such copy can easily be forged using image manipulation software programs.
  3. Most importantly, there is ongoing an “ID paradox.” In nearly every jurisdiction across the world, a governmental agency will “need an ID” to “issue an ID”. However, given the flawed process of issuing IDs which most agencies are susceptible to, and the lack of means to reliably verify an ID document, the issuing process is largely reliant on “trusting” the citizens.

A. ElectronicID™ throws documents and paper out of the picture altogether. ElectronicID™ is a self-identification platform based on a community-powered web-of-trust and time. Anybody, from any part of the world, can create an ElectronicID™ account for themselves by providing minimal information they know best represents them, such as their name, date of birth, and address. The process is not much different from merely creating an account on any website. There are no requirements to provide any form of IDs, papers, and no information is verified against governmental or third-party databases. In most jurisdictions, anti-perjury laws automatically enforce truthfulness among citizens, therefore, an individual is expected to provide truthful self-identification information “in good faith.” However, interestingly, all ElectronicID™ accounts created for the first time are initialized with "minimal" trust. ElectronicID™ uses a ‘scoring system’ called Trust Score™ and all new accounts are initialized with a Trust Score™ of “0”. Over time, as trust is earned by the individual within the ElectronicID™ community, the Trust Score™ goes up. A higher Trust Score™ indicates the individual is more trustworthy than the one with a lower Trust Score™. To those familiar with the concept of credit scores, the process may seem largely identical.

All new ElectronicIDs are initialized with “minimal” trust or a Trust Score™ of zero. There are 3 basic ways in which trust can be earned within the community:

  1. Time: In real world, trust comes with time; that is the longer you have known an individual, the more trustworthy they appear. In ElectronicID™ context, Trust Score™ goes up periodically as more time elapses.
  2. Linking: Trust Score™ can be boosted by linking one or more existing social media accounts to an ElectronicID™. The older a social media account is determined to be by our algorithm, the higher the Trust Score™ will be boosted.
  3. Community Endorsements: Individuals with a certain level of Trust Score™ earned either via elapsed time or social media linking may endorse other ElectronicID™ community members that they trust to help boost the Trust Score™ of these members within the community. To prevent abuse, only a limited number of endorsements may be made by an individual in a given time without affecting their own Trust Score™.

Trust can already be exploited with the existing, outdated ID infrastructure. ElectronicID™ makes it much more difficult. For example, with today’s ID infrastructure, the possibilities of exploiting trust are limitless, including an individual purchasing fake IDs without much effort, or obtaining real ID cards based on dishonest information and forged utility bills. Trust Score™ can’t be simply “bought,” but needs to be earned over time. Trust can also be exploited by an individual simply not telling the truth (“perjury”) when lawfully required to. ElectronicID™ uses factors like time, community endorsements, and social media to largely deter dishonesty. The Trust Score™ reward system is designed to naturally promote integrity and trust among the community in a non-oppressive manner.

The ElectronicID™ Change of Information specification greatly details the policy regarding changes. No proof is ever required for making any kinds of changes to information present on an ElectronicID™, including name, address, gender, etc. However, to maintain trust and integrity, most changes on an ElectronicID™ are trailed. For example, if an individual changes their name for any reason, the action will be allowed and no ‘proof’ will be required, however, their ElectronicID™ will still retain the old name with the changed one appended to their record. This feature largely deters dishonesty by creating a ‘trailing’ record of changes of an individual, without requiring traditional “proofs”, as is the case with the outdated ID infrastructure. Additionally, certain pieces of information when changed excessively over a given period of time, will negatively impact a user’s Trust Score™. For example, an individual changing their address on ElectronicID™ everyday would be greatly damaging their Trust Score™ than someone who does every six months.

Due to its revolutionary nature, it is expected that ElectronicID™ platform will likely take some time and community awareness prior to being accepted everywhere an alternative from of ID verification. At this time, our focus is on promoting ElectronicID™ across the web; to encourage website owners and administrators to ‘accept’ an ElectronicID™ in cases where a government-issued ID might be desirable, but not absolutely necessary. Examples include lodging websites like AirBnB®, BitCoin exchanges, identity verification of a Facebook account, etc. We further envision certain low-to-medium risk business establishments to start accepting ElectronicID™s in lieu of or in addition to government-issued IDs, perhaps even as a “second form” of ID. Some examples may include building security personnel, age verification at restaurants and bars, etc. At the very last, we expect governmental agencies to catch up and begin recognizing ElectronicID™ as a valid means of identification. In the long run, our focus is on eliminating the outdated, paper-age ID infrastructure altogether with a non-oppressive, self-identification digital platform like ElectronicID™, across the U.S. and eventually the world. However, if you know of a better plan, please let us know.

One of the best things about ElectronicID™ is it is backwards-compatible with the paper world. If you are worried about having to hand over your electronic device to an establishment to prove your identity, don’t. You may print your ElectronicID™ as a traditional “paper card”, simply remember your ElectronicID™ number or use an electronic device to ‘carry’ a digital ElectronicID™ card. Regardless of what you choose, all ElectronicID™ forms will be fully valid and verifiable online.

Given enough time and determination, any ID thief can succeed in assuming another person’s identity and exploit trust, however, ElectronicID™ makes it increasingly difficult to accomplish this fast. For example, ‘stealing’ someone’s identity is no longer contingent on simply purchasing a ‘fake ID’ or even a real one with someone else’s information, in one day’s or even a week’s time. Instead, ElectronicID™ encourages its members to ‘earn’ trust among community members over a given period of time. The community members keep checks and balances in place which largely favor the honest and deter the dishonest.

Because government-issued identification is outdated, oppressive and flawed. The issuing process of most government IDs relies on an individual presenting “truthful” paper documents which may lack authenticity and on stating the “truth”, a choice largely deferred to an individual. Government IDs may also be too oppressive; either requiring an individual to present too many documents, or restricting individuals to conform (e.g. to a particular gender or name). It is also relatively easy for an individual to assume anyone’s identity, with government-issued IDs, for example, someone in the possession of another individual’s birth certificate. Further enhancements being made to government identification, such as the ones outlined by the REAL ID Act, are only expected to be more invasive to an individual’s privacy and do little to deter dishonesty. On the other hand, using ElectronicID™ is identical to using any other website, such as social media, but offers a greater level of integrity – all without being too invasive or oppressive.

In simple words, a Trust Score™ is a simple number on a scale of 0 to 1000 representing an ElectronicID™’s, and therefore, an individual’s trustworthiness on the ElectronicID™ platform. For business purposes, it may also be perceived as a “trust indicator” or, conversely, a “risk indicator”. An ElectronicID™ possessing a low or zero trust score indicates zero earned trust and may pose a higher risk to certain kinds of businesses than others. On the other hand, an ElectronicID™ with an excellent Trust Score™ may be far more reliable and pose a lesser risk to the business. Much like a credit score, a Trust Score™ can be seen as a risk indicator for probabilistically evaluating the trustworthiness of an individual’s claimed identity.

Please refer to Accepting an ElectronicID™ page detailing the process for accepting ElectronicIDs over the web or in person. In general, it is advised that an ElectronicID™ with a Trust Score™ of zero be minimally trusted and be accepted (if at all) with caution. It is recommended that each establishment set their own standards for what Trust Score™ is considered good enough for their nature of business. For example, low risk businesses and websites may be inclined to accept an ElectronicID™ with low or even zero Trust Scores™, whereas, critical risk businesses may require an ElectronicID™ with exceptionally high Trust Scores™.

As with any web service, account compromises are possible, however, ElectronicID™ platform incorporates steps which minimize damage to an individual’s Trust Score™ and ElectronicID™ in case of an account compromise. For example, most changes to information are not instantaneous and take anywhere from 3-to-30 days to process. The changes occur automatically, however, the grace period is put into place to protect compromised accounts while the user attempts a recovery. Also, industry-leading encryption technology (SSL/TLS), and use of two-factor authentication provide additional security to ElectronicID™ accounts.

There are a couple of ways to help ElectronicID™ succeed. Because ElectronicID™ is designed to be a community-powered, self-identification digital platform, community awareness is the key to its success.

  1. Get an ElectronicID™: The movement starts with you! Consider creating an ElectronicID™ for yourself and using it.
  2. Share: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about ElectronicID™ and encourage them to get one! [social media or your blog]
  3. Chip-in: Donations as little as $1 help us keep running our servers, and the platform.
  4. Accept (Web Admins): If you own a website, add a “sign in via ElectronicID” button to both promote and accept ElectronicID™
  5. Accept (Business Owners): If you own a physical or virtual establishment which desires ID verification, consider accepting ElectronicID™ as either primary (where legally possible) or secondary form of ID verification. A decal like “ElectronicID™ Accepted,” will largely help creating community awareness and having your business stand out.
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